In commemoration of this year’s World Clean-Up Day, the volunteers group joined members of Nestlé Nigeria staffs to mark this year’s event Oshodi market.
The year 2021 World Clean-Up Day falls Saturday, in ensuring clean up of the market, for members of the food and beverages firm observed the clean up of the area on Thursday September 16th, 2021.

Volunteer moves packed refuse towards waste bin

Meanwhile, the World Clean-Up Day is celebrated September 18 every year.

Nestlé staffs and volunteers at the 2021 World Clean-Up Day in Arena market, Lagos

Also, in making this year’s Celebrations unique, members of Nestlé inconjuction with other NGO turned up for the clean up of Arena market, ensuring they swept places noticed with refuse in the area.

Few picture were taken at this year’s clean up Day 2021 capture by Kazeem Bakenne

Packed refuse being move to waste bin by volunteers.

To make this year’s World Clean-Up Day unique, over 200 volunteers supported in cleaning the Arena market in Oshodi, Lagos.


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