Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province of Lagos Diocesan and Missioner, Most Rev. Humphrey B. Olumakaiye, has urged Christians to
let their lives mirror that of Jesus Christ, who he said was born in the manger in order to lift us all to the heavenly palace of the Almighty God.

Olumakaiye said this shortly after Christmas service at Cathedral Church Marina, Lagos, while commissioning the newly built Obafunke Akinkugbe Gift Shop.

Olumakaiye said, “blessed be the name of the Lord our God, who in His unfailing love and mercy saw us through one of the most turbulent and challenging years in recent times.

“In the words of the Psalmist, if it had not been the Lord who was on our side, what would have been our testimonies?”

The Archbishop of the Ecclesiastical Province added that despite the various security challenges, economic turbulence, the lingering effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and dark uncertainty of political intrigues ravaging the nation, Nigerians have been more than conquerors through the Lord Jesus Christ.

“As we celebrate the remembrance of the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, I want to remind us that Christmas symbolizes hope and deliverance.

“It brings us the promise of a better year and change in season.

“The joy of the season came as salvation, deliverance and prosperity for the sons and daughters of men.

“While basking in the memory of this joy and intoxicating ourselves in His redeeming love for mankind, let our lives mirror the one, who was born in the manger in order to lift us all to the heavenly palace of the Almighty,” he said.

According to the man of God, the coming year, which he said is pregnant with dark uncertainty of cosmic dimensions, for the children of light, brings the coming of Christ nearer than when they first believed.

He added that nations might rise and fall, economies might tumble and collapse, drums of war might be heard in distant land, and strange signs might be seen in the heavens above and earth below, “all that might come and befall our world, the Lord of Host is with us and the God of Jacob is our refuge!”

“Therefore, enjoy the season with faith and felicitate with one another in the spirit of unity, oneness, hope and love.

“As God’s representative, I know that the coming year will bring good tidings of joy, peace and salvation to our nation, homes and everyone; for after a long dark cloud night, the sun will rise in the horizon.

“Thus, I wish you all a merry Christmas, a wonderful and prosperous New Year,” he said.


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