President Buhari

34 Nigerians were evacuated from Ivory Coast in a private flight that arrived at the Felix Houphouet-Boigny International Airport, Abidjan at exactly 7.35pm (local time) on the 29th Wednesday, July 2020.

The Nigerians stranded in various parts of Ivory Coast, gathered in Abidjan for days as the process for their evacuation was been implemented, till they were finally airlifted on the 29th Wednesday July 2020..

It had been an immensely traumatizing time for many of these Nigerians, some came to the Country on a working purpose but got stuck, since the Covid 19 lockdown in March of the West Africa Country..
The 34 Nigerians were excited to make it back home as it’s been months of unforgettable experience in Ivory Coast..

The Minister/ Chargé d’Affaires of the Nigérian Embassy in Ivory Coast: Mr. Mohammed Gana was full of excitement as the evacuation process got to it concluding part, with the plane depart the Ivorian airport..
In his statement: I’m so excited that everyone can go back to their families, friends and loved ones.
He confirmed that many stranded Nigerians had been evacuated earlier, and many more would be evacuated soonest in the course of the week.
The Minister said! The Nigérian Embassy in Ivory Coast is working in collaboration with a local airline to airlifts the remaining Stranded Nigerians in the coming days.
According to him, every detail of the evacuation is been finalized in order to get the remaining Stranded Nigerians out of Ivory Coast..
Mr. Mohammed Gana called on other Nigerians Stranded in Ivory Coast to get in touch with the Nigérian Embassy in earnest as it’s of utmost importance to the Embassy that every Nigérian Stranded in Ivory Coast gets back home as soon as possible and advised, that it’s very risky for anyone to pass through any unauthorized passage because the regrets are so much more than the advantage..
The Minister/ Chargé d’Affaires of the Nigérian Embassy in Ivory Coast: Mr. Mohammed Gana and his team were on ground at the Felix Houphouet-Boigny Airport to monitor, supervised and coordinate the flight, which took off by 10.05pm (local time)..

*Speaking with JIFORM Reporter:* anonymously (Evacuee from Imo State): I had suffered beyond imagination for the past 4months and the only thing that matters now is to get back to my family, who had gone through enormous obstacles during my absence as I’m the Bread Winner of the house.

Many of the stranded Nigerians were delightful as the plane bid the ground farewell.
It was an amazing relief for the evacuated Nigerians as they’ll be with families soon, and in respecting the Covid 19 test process imposed by the Nigérian authorities..

Everyone (returnee) must go through the mandatory Covid 19 test, Self-isolate then return to the Immigration office to retrieve their seized passport after 14 days.


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