According to the scripture ‘None of God’s word will go unfulfilled, but when people pray and ask for mercy, the Almighty God will intercede on their behalf and consider their prayers, thereby cancel the fortold calamities.’

The Senior Pastor of Grace Nation International aka Liberation City, Dr Chris Okafor had called for 3 days fasting and prayer session to change the revelation he received about what was going to happen.

Pastor Okafor had revealed that God showed him the dangers that loomed on fire outbreak, road accident and plane crash in the country.

But we gathered that this warning was ignored by the people and that only members of his church and a few others joined in the 3 days fasting and prayer.

However, few days after the warning, a fire outbreak occurred the popular Balogun Market in Lagos State, Nigeria, which destroyed properties and materials worth millions of naira.

The source of the fire outbreak could not be ascertained as at the time of filling this report.

It was gathered that if not for the prayers and fasting that took place, the damage caused by the fire incidents in the market would have been bigger than what was experienced.

“There had been re-occurence of incidents of this magnitude due to ignorance and careless attitudes to warning by genuine men of God such as Dr Chris Okafor.

“If Nigerians or people across the globe listen to divine warning, the world would have been a better place,” said a source close to the man of God.

We were told that the man of God, who would not want to boast of the manifestation of his prophesy, had again warned against more fire-outbreak particularly in the business/ market place.

He reportedly advised the government to take adequate measure in enlightening the general public and the market men and women on the need to take precautionary measure against anything that would cause fire-outbreak in their places of business.

He also challenged agencies monitoring the highways and aviation industry to take active measures in order to prevent unforseen incidents.


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