An open boat carrying 19 passengers capsized at about 6.00pm while enroute Badagry from Kirikiri.

Ten passengers have been confirmed dead, 5 rescued while 4 are missing in boat mishap that occurred On Wednesday July 29th, 2020.

A survivor’s account states that the boat Captain got distracted trying to collect fares from a passenger and the boat was overturned by the current and most passengers were yet to put on their lifejackets properly.

Rescue effort was immediate as the boat was just a few meters from the landing in which they left from but only 5 people were able to be rescued, says LASWA PRO.

A total of 19 persons were involved in the incident 5 were rescued with 10 persons confimed dead and 4 still unaccounted for including the boat deckhand .

Meanwhile, the authority says it has apprehended the boat captain and has handed him over to marine police for further investigation and sanctions.

The Emergency and Regulatory Authorities are still on a search and rescue operation.


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