Nigerians have been advised not to lose hope in the current state of the nation, these were said by Archbishop of Lagos Catholic Church, His Grace, Most Rev. Alfred Adewale Martins, during 2021 CHRISM Mass on Tuesday 30th, March, 2021.

The state of the nation is like a ship leaking at different point and is almost sinking, that’s why it’s important that the necessary steps needed to be taken, we arrived at this point as a result of inequity found in our governance, insecurity throughout the country, people from some part of the country feel marginalized, and there’s inequity everywhere, that’s why people are agitating to go their different ways, so, government must addressed it on time, all these are expression of frustration, therefore, government needs to engage with them, tell them plans in place for these frustrations resolved, addressed their challenges, then tension rising would diffused for another thing, Rev’d Martins said.

At a time there was no secession, but recently there had been series of agitation for secession, these have been brought about because of inequity found in the system, people feel completely powerless, and what they believe is the way out is to start a new nation, I believe government should reassure every corner of the country they matter, that everyone is given equitable share in life of the nation, in a country where part of the country completely left out, where they feel like they do not feel like having sense of belonging, naturally, evidently, those who are clamoring for secession would rise again, only if government pacify them, reassure them of being part of the government, if there’s no good governance, and people are hungry, people are left out, naturally agitation for new nations would continue, secession through break-up would be proffered.

Archbishop of the Metropolitan See of Lagos/Priests, Religious, and Laity of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, His Grace, Most Rev Dr. Alfred Adewale Martin’s (middle);Vicar General, Rt Rev. Monsignor Anyagwu (Left) and Administrator of the Holy Cross, Very Rev Fr Paul Ijasan, during the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos 2021 Chrism Mass, held in Lagos… at the event.

The Chrism Mass is an annual event during which Catholic faithful celebrate priests and the priests renew their ordination promises to the church, bishop and to the people of God, it’s also a day the oil is blessed for administering the sacrament, so, it’s day for bounding the priests and their bishop in the presence of God and God’s people, Arch bishop said.

Kidnapping of school children in the country, is a sad part of our time, and we hope as we have new service chiefs in the helms of affairs of our security agencies, they would work out more proactive system by ensuring children at different schools are protected, the problem really need urgent attention because as it happened in the north, also witnessed it in the South, Rev.d Martins opined.

Meanwhile, Rev’d Martins shared light on children affected by recent pipeline explosion in Lagos, some of them have been shared out into other Catholic schools, some have been advised to choose among Catholic school they wish and they have been absorbed into those school, some did their final exams last year and some are in the process of doing it now.

Speaking further about the rebuilding of the school, Martins said, it involves lots of factors, availability of land, because we could not build the school on that site any more, recently, Lagos State government gave us parcel of land to build new Bethlehem Girls College, obviously not only land would make that happen, we are still discussing with government in order to know how to go about it because lot of things are needed, road infrastructure, ensuring the land is vacant, making sure the swamp is filled up, all these factors mentioned are still issues to be addressed, our focus is, the school would come up at one time or the other, because there’s reason why the school is located in the area.
He shared his taught about the Catholic sister that lost her life during the explosion, the sister belonged to a religious congregation.

The religious congregation has decided to start a foundation, first to bring her dream for children into reality, that children from indigent homes are given scholarship by that foundation, the foundation was launched three, four weeks ago in Benin City, the church in Lagos was there and we made substantial contribution to the foundation, so we shall continue to work along with that foundation in order the dream of late sister come to reality and in the process, her memory would not be forgotten but immortalized, just of recent, The Nigerian Air Force named a hall after her, am very sure, similar thing would continue to occur in her memory.


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