Prelate Methodist Church, Nigeria, His Eminence Dr. Samuel Chukwuemeka Uche, has urged every Nigerians, to always work together either as Christian or Muslim in respective of your tribes, to bring peace, security to the country, he made this on Sunday during Easter Sunday service in Lagos while answering questions from journalists.

No matter the circumstances we are passing through, victory would come at the end, he said he’d seen tunnel abroad with long distance, inside the tunnel, it’s always dark but after it, you would see light, Nigeria is passing through a tunnel, but we should not compound already existing problem rather, we should all work together either Christian or Muslim, to bring peace, security to our country, Dr. Uche said.

We don’t get anything killing our selves, in fact, I could recall, first prayer of Jesus Christ on the cross was, Lord forgive them for they didn’t know what they were doing.

Speaking further, Easter means, height of forgiveness, victory of forgiveness over wickedness, victory of joy over sorrow, victory of faith over doubt, victory, victory, victory, that’s what Easter represents.
So, any situation we are in, we should not be discouraged because victory would come at last.

His Eminence Dr. Chukwuemeka Samuel Uche (middle) with other clergymen.

Sharing his thought about current security situation in the country, federal government has not done what it expected of her, the government controls the security agencies, gun should not go into wrong hands, unless they are colluding with bandits, he therefore advised, wrong hands with arms should be thoroughly investigated and flush out, our security agencies could do it, if truly they want to do it, I saw what security agencies did to Eastern Security Network, he said he saw the corpses of young people on the ground, but he’s yet to see what the Soldiers did to the herdsmen, Nigerian military seems to be working for herdsmen, they are not against them, he said.

They are fighting Boko-Haram, but we have herdsmen, who are deadly than Boko-haram in our forest, our security agencies colluding with them, I believes they are sponsoring them, once our security agencies and everybody decide to end insecurity in the country then it would end.

Government should not be blamed for everything, government couldn’t provide employment for everybody, government should only provide enabling environment for industries to thrive, and ensure all untapped resources are tapped, the Prelate Okon thanked government in the area of gas, they could do same in the Agricultural sector, once they do that, everything would be okay, he concluded.


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