Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has called on Lagosians to apply modesty as they celebrate Christmas even as he signed pardon for convicted prisoners in the state.

Sanwo-Olu made the disclosure, while speaking to the press on Wednesday during a Christmas Service at the Cathedral Church of Christ in Marina Lagos.

He said “I want to charge Lagosians that in this season of Christmas, let us do things with moderation, let us understand that even while we are doing our celebration, let us do it with modesty, let us do it with a lot of decorum and let us understand that it is a period to remain peaceful to be law-abiding and continue to remain as an example for other parts of the country to reflect upon.”

Sanwo-Olu thanked God for sparing the lives of Lagosians. “We thank the Almighty God for sparing all our lives, for making today a reality in our individual ways.

“We thank God for protecting our country and for also protecting our state, even in spite of all the challenges that we have; that in his infinite mercy he has kept us as a state, and as a people. In the same spirit of Christmas, it is a season of giving; it is a season of blessing.”

Mr. Governor also stated that the season of Christmas is a period of reflection; “It is also a season of reflection; so as a nation, as a state, I think it is also appropriate for us to continue to count our blessings, to continue to reflect on those things that have happened to us in the cause of the year and how can we improve and be better citizens, for us as a state.

“It is also a season of giving back. So, I have also signed a small relief for some convicts that we have in the various prisons, people that have been convicted, some to death sentences that we have committed them to life sentences.

“And some that we realise that are for minor offences, and we asked that they be given pardon. We will also use this season to reach out to a lot of the less privileged; I will also be going out, by ensuring that we all leave in a safe and very conducive environment.”

On what Lagos State is doing to support the police he said, “You know we always support the police, less than a week ago we opened the biggest Area Command in the nation, Area L. If you go there, you would realize that there is no area command that is of that status before and we just commissioned and handed it over to the men of Lagos Police Command.

“Not only that, we regularly support them with vehicles, with other needs that they require, so we are not living it to the police, we are supporting the entire security formation in Lagos just to be able to discharge their duty well, and we are also supporting our LASTMA officers so that they have all of the implements they require to do the work,” he said.

Sanwo-Olu also charged Lagos residents to be law-abiding during the festive season; “We know that we are in the festive season, we are using the gentlemen of the press to also communicate and to tell all our people for all of us to be law-abiding, to live in a peaceful and in a manner that we are not disobeying the rules and regulation of our environment.”


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