David Faithfulness, is a 23- year-old Anambra State indigene, and he’s presently into make up business.

Having finished secondary school in 2014, he talks like Bobrisky with most of his attitude feminine gender, and he believes he’s got what it takes to make people laugh.

“When anyone is around me, there’s no dull moment,” he said, and he has just discovered himself.

Irrespective of whoever is around him, irrespective of whatever the person is going through, there won’t be dull moment with him.

He believes he could be one of the most sought after Nigerian super model in the nearest future because his physique, oral, and other talents he exhibits will make way for him, but that he is only waiting for an opportunity.

In this chat with Nationalsketch Media, David shared his dreams, vision and aspirations.

David revealed that he has so much to offer and that he possesses what it takes to make people laugh, and to put smiles on the faces of people.

He’s optimistic that with the right opportunities and open doors, he would be able to find himself in good platforms, where he could express himself, where people could see what he carries and what he could offer and what he could bring to the table.

“I have a personality that could make people laugh and forget their sorrows. You cannot be around me and you won’t laugh.

“With my personality, who I am, the aura that I carry, you can’t be around me and still feel moody. There’s no dull moment around me at all,” he said.

He stated that sometimes he could not explain it, but that when you get closer to him, spend some time with him, you will get used to him.

The Anambra State-born said that, when he finished secondary school in 2014, he could have furthered his education but that at that time, he’d not discovered himself.

He said that he felt that he did not just want go to school for the sake of going to school, and that as at now, he is still a secondary school leaver.

“My main reason for going to school is not to work in an organization, it’s not just to have a formal education, but for intellectual purposes, which I would definitely still do.

“I am just taking this time to discover myself. I wish to go to school the way people do. I would have gone to school since I left secondary school in 2014, but I didn’t even know what I wanted to study.

“So, I was using all these times to discover myself better, and finding what I could do.

“Now that I have been able to discover myself and know definitely that this is what I want to do with my life, this is what I wish to do with whatever resources that is at my disposal, then I can move on.

“I just don’t want to be a type of person without direction. Now I clearly have direction. I know what I want to do. I know what I would use my education for.

“If eventually I find an opportunity to be in school, I won’t just be a student like that, I would use the education to brush myself up intellectually and do other things,” he said.

He added that the aspirations of many parents for their children are for them to become lawyers, doctors and others, but that not every Nigerian parent understands that adults and children are quite different.

According to him, children have different goals, ambitions and aspirations, but that with time, he believed his parents would understand that he has his life to live, and that he has his dreams, and aspirations.

“I won’t say they support me 100 percent, but with the way things are going, their support would see me through,” he explained.

David would have been happy if he had an opportunity to be part of Big Brother Naija, but he is currently taking part in a contest called ‘The Walk To Stardom’, which is something similar to Big Brother Naija.

He said that why he decided to take part in the contest was because as an entertainer, he had always been looking for an opportunity to express himself to the world.

“So, since BB Naija was not possible for me, I decided to try this contest. I am in the competitition right now, votes are on-going for people to make it into the House.

“I will also use this medium to appeal to people out there to please support me, support my dream, and vision by voting for me. I believe that, when I get to the top, I would do a lot, not just for myself, but for my family, relatives, the society and the world at large that made me,” he said.

When David was asked what he will do if he wins as much as N2m in the competition, he said that he would invest it in himself, business, education, family and that he would also give back to the society “because you don’t have to have millions of naira before you give back to the society.”

“There are orphanage homes around that I could support with at least five cartoons of noodles. It’s something, nothing is too small to give to the less privileged, they would appreciate it,” he said.


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