Fellows in the Engineering profession converged on Wednesday 3rd March, 2021 in honor of the newly elected National Chairman, Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers, Engr. Jang Tanko in Lagos.

The reception and lecture organised by Lagos State chapter of the Institution was titled: “The Nigerian Civil Engineer And The Way Forward: Education, Development And Enterprise”.

Delivering his lecture on the topic, guest speaker at the occasion, Engr. James Owivry, who was also a former national chairman of the Institution, advised members in Nigeria to always concentrate more on areas of competence that would enhance their potentials through innovation and emerging technology in the profession, adding that through attendance of short courses, regarding their daily routine in practice, to keep abreast of time with new ideas and more effective methods of doing things in the profession. This would go a long way in enhancing projects being handled by them, the guest said as a matter of fact, they must attend management training courses to fit into management positions.

Guest speaker, Engr James Owivri

Furthermore, the essence of refresher program is to update their knowledge because, there are new developments in the engineering world that are micro in the engineering profession, nevertheless, one needs to keep himself or herself well equipped in the information and Technology.

Engineers need to be informed about the latest development in the world.

At a point in time, in the course of our educational career, we should undertake management training, so that eventually we would find ourselves in the managerial position.

In conclusion, he mentioned about standardization of building materials and the need for Government to look into this urgently.

Special Adviser to Lagos Gov on works & Infrastructure, Engr (Mrs) Aramide Adeyoye

Also, speaking at the event, Special Adviser to Lagos State Government on Works & Infrastructure, Engr. (Mrs.) Aramide Adeyoye, said she believes strongly that whatever we do, must be done with zeal and integrity, clarity of purpose, such must be full of passion for the job, for us to excellent in it, integrity must be your watch word, passion should be the fuel to get you to the very end.

Nigerian Engineers is faced with several challenges, we have seen how engineering is being practiced in the other clime, it quite different from ours, I begin to ask myself, what exactly is wrong with us in the country, she said.

We are different because, we have dealt with several issues, first and foremost, we must go back to the basic, Adeyoye said.

There’s need to revisit the curriculum used in the university, there’s serious need to rejig the way engineering is taught in the university, we need to catch them young, in those years back, its not the same way it is being taught now a days, that’s why many of our young ones do not want to study engineering in school anymore.

Former National Chairman, Nigerian Institution of Civil
Engineers/Keynote Speaker, Engr. James Owivri; Chairman, Lagos
Chapter, NICE, Engr. Emeke Ibeh; Special Adviser on Works &
Infrastructure, to Lagos Governor, Engr. Aramide Adeyoye; National
Chairman, NICE, Engr. Jang Tanko; and his vice, Engr. Lola Adetona,
during a reception and public lecture in honour of the national
chairman in Lagos.

She then tasked, professional bodies such as APWEN, COREN, to form R&D, adding that at this age of our life, we still import granite, you ask what has happened to all the rock we have in the country, is it that difficult to blast those rocks or bringing in machines to polish them? the ball is in our court, we must all be up and doing, she said.

Meanwhile, National chairman, Engr. Tanko bears his mind on Executive Order NO 5, saying the implementation of the order has to be a gradual process because there’s a will to implement the order by the government. This order is good for the entire nation, therefore, the state government must key into it, then follow through to the local government.

In his words, host chairman of the state chapter, Engr. Emeka Ibeh said that for Civil Engineers to deliver a project of infrastructure in the country, is a function of Educational mode.

Secondly, the mindset of the civil engineer must be right because when you come out of school purely being an employee, you are not immune to some basic challenges being faced such as unemployment, when you have such mindset, after your graduation, you could just work for a while, after which you become an employer of labor, you would find out that you can also generate additional platform to employ more people, less unemployment in the system and also groom the industry so that, it becomes more immune to having foreign injection that makes it difficult for our members, for some of the benefits that the government has for us, a situation where foreign firm takes most of the works and very few local firms get, we don’t like such.

We want to have more capacity within this country to be able to do high profile project, so that we could say confidently our country is being developed by our people, the state chairman said.


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