Yoruba World Congress

The executive members of Yoruba World Congress has been dissolved, this was made known in a statement available to Nationalsketch.com at the weekend.

At the meeting on Saturday, 29th August 2020 held at Ibadan and presided over by the Leader and President of the Yoruba World Congress, Prof. ‘Banji Akintoye, it was resolved as follows that:

The Yoruba World Congress (YWC) is functioning smoothly and has great confidence in its Leader, Prof. Banji Akintoye.

The Yoruba World Congress (YWC), continues to resolutely reassure Yoruba people that YWC is one, and is not in conflict. Neither is there any crisis within the organization.

Based on the fact that YWC has grown so fast, so wide and so soon, it is experiencing some structural and administrative challenges, which is normal with such a massively expanding organization, and which we, the pioneers and founders, are tackling with confidence.

We are grateful to all our leaders, officers and youths who have worked assiduously, and in various capacities, with the Leader and President, to keep the organization strong and achievement oriented.

YWC is grateful to God and proud of its phenomenal achievements in just one year of its existence. Some of these achievements include but are not limited to:

The motivation of Yoruba people all over Nigeria to defend their homeland.

The development and empowerment of Yoruba Youths.

The revival and development of the Yoruba Language.

The interaction and engagement with a very vocal and active Yoruba diaspora.

The expansion into every State and Local Government area within Nigeria where Yoruba people are domiciled.

The attraction of enormous numbers of highly skilled, resourceful and influential Yoruba persons at home and abroad who are ready to assist YWC in various capacities across board.

For the major reason that the Organization has expanded exponentially, and in many directions within a short period, it has become imperative that YWC upgrade its operations and organization modalities.

Hence it was further resolved as follows:

That the Interim Executive Committee, formed at the inception of the organization, and consisting of all the 16 Secretaries and Directors, stands dissolved immediately.

That a 4-man Support Committee to work with the President and Leader, pending the Convention to elect substantive officers, be set up immediately to seamlessly continue the work of the organization, in the interim.

Some of the notable leaders who were present at the meeting includes,

Prof. Banji Akintoye, Princess T. I. Okusaga, Mr. Akin Adejuwon, Mrs. Anike Obot,others are Mr. Nureen Soludero, Mrs. Bunmi Abidogun, Evg. Kunle Adesokan, Mr. Muda Dapo Ogunsola, Chief Imam Abdulraheem Aduranigba and many others.


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