The mantra from Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12 anchor, Toke Makinwa and taskmaster, Kunle Remi to the contenders is ‘Observe, Listen and Apply.

Constantly reminding them, the relevance of understanding instructions before kickstarting a task.

It is a simple skill that has cost some of the contenders their stay in the jungle so far.

Those who have mastered the science of listening have benefitted immensely and seen their stay extended.

When the contenders first made their way into the jungle, they were instructed to pick food items they would be able to carry each. It became a rush that ended with them spilling food. The taskmaster asked them to slow down and listen as it would be a valuable trait in the jungle.

Indeed, this has been the case, from their first task, where the Irin clan came last; evidently, their progress was slowed down when the taskmaster asked them to restart for not adhering to the task instructions.

Gerald’s eviction sums up the cost of not listening. His clan, Iroko, had come last in a task and thus, a member of the clan would be evicted at the Place of the Talking Drum. In the ensuing game to determine who would be evicted from the Iroko clan, Gerald lost out by not following instructions. He seemed not to know when to sit or stand or write and ultimately had to leave.

Rather painful as other contenders already named him the biggest threat and most likely to win for his speed and strength. While both attributes are valuable, the ability to listen first before deploying strength and speed proved to be important.

The Iroko clan bounced back from their loss by winning the next task thanks to their decision to listen carefully to instructions. Damola, who was selected as the engineer to construct the bridge rather than deploy speed, carefully arranged the boards on the frame. Other clans were focused on rushing to place the boards on the frame without carefully identifying the right section to place them. Ultimately, the Iroko clan came first and even received a commendation from Toke Makinwa for following instructions.

It is yet to be seen how the contenders will fare going forward but one thing is clear: Only those who listen carefully navigate their way to the top either as members of a clan or as individuals.

Why Mikel’s eviction is a teachable moment for young Nigerians

Mfon Mikel Esin was one of the audience’s favourite contenders in the Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12 Age of Craftsmanship; He had a relatable back story, one that showed his tenacity and drive to be a winner.

He had previously auditioned in 2013 for the Gulder Ultimate Search but was not selected. When the opportunity came again in 2021, he seized it. In his own words, he wanted to rewrite the story of the Gulder Ultimate Search with his life story.

Well, he did rewrite his own story, just not in the way he would have wanted. His stay in the jungle came to an abrupt end as a result of his inability to control his temper and respect another contender. He was hence, unceremoniously evicted.

At a time when viewers are getting familiar with the contenders, Mikel, as he was known in the Amorokin camp, stood out. Long before going into the jungle, he expressed a strong will to win, stating his humble background and how the N50 Million winner’s prize is an opportunity to change his fortune.

On his first night in the jungle, he refused to eat, in order to test his limit on how he could complete tasks on a hungry stomach. When other contenders were sprawled in slumber under their mosquito net on the first night, he roamed around the jungle. It was as though he had begun his own tasks even before they were assigned.

When the Irin clan lost their first task, Mikel was clearly distraught. Lamenting at how his clan members did not listen to him and expressing his distaste for people who don’t think. His reaction was the same when the group did not quickly figure out how to build the tent. He complained they did not take his direction.

While his drive is commendable, his inability to work not as a single entity but as a member of a team was becoming clear and his seeming disdain for ‘lesser people’ who don’t know how to ‘think and ‘strategize’ was becoming a dark stain that he did not know how to shake off. He was fast becoming unpopular both within the Amorokin camp and among the viewers. On social media, there were comments about his superiority complex.

The last straw was the argument between him and Estima when he picked her sandal and in reaction to her complaint, threatened to kill her. Threatening another contestant is a violation of the rules, and led to his eviction at the place of the talking drum.

While he attempted to justify it in what many consider a sexist outburst saying ladies have a way of giving many excuses for their actions; he eventually expressed regret for his utterances. It came too little and too late.

Mikel’s eviction might be considered harsh as a few noted that he could have gotten a warning, but death threats cannot be taken lightly. It is a teachable moment both for Mikel and young Nigerians who are quick to issue threats during conflicts. Wherever one finds oneself, one must remember that choices have consequences and there may be no opportunity for a second chance.

His fellow campmates expressed collectively that he crossed the line with the death threat. It was unwarranted and should not be condoned.

From being a promising contender to being evicted, Mfon hopefully would do a good self-reflection and accept that he alone is at fault. He still has the opportunity to learn from his mistakes; that opportunity would not be inside the Amorokin camp, nor with the Gulder Ultimate Search N50 Million prize money.

Mfon and Gerald Bow Out Of Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12 In Double Eviction

After a day of intense arguments and a gruelling group task, Clan Irin and Iroko lost a member each at the place of the talking drum.

Remember there was a big argument earlier in the day between Clan Iroko’s Esitima and Clan Irin’s Mfon? The exchange of words caught the attention of the Council of Elders, who did not take lightly to Mfon’s threats. His lack of self-control led to his eviction from the Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12.

As tension still ran high from the first eviction, Clan Iroko was put on the hot seat. As they were last place in the daily task, a member of the team will be evicted. The anchor, Toke Makinwa, asked them who they thought was the weakest link. After the votes, Solomon Yankari was nominated as the weakest link of Clan Iroko.

They played the game of lone sojourner, where each clan member had to write the images the anchor showed them in the correct order. This game took a complete turn as it became a test of obedience and intellect. Following a series of instructions by the anchor to weed out the weak link, members of the clan were saved from a possible eviction one by one.

Gerald Odeka was however evicted from the show at the end of the night, leaving 15 contestants vying for their place as the ultimate warrior. Who will it be?

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