The President, Catholic Men Organization, Archdiocese of Lagos, Barrister Vincent Otiono while speaking during the monthly General meeting of Catholic Church of the Resurection, Magodo on Sunday took time to educate members on the need to be vaccinated.
“We must not listen to what people are saying, COvID 19 is real, go and take the vaccine shot,don’t allow anybody to deceive you. Your life is at risk, if you fail to get the vaccine”

The President urged all CMO members in Lagos Archdiocese to make sure they get the two doses of the vaccine to fortify themselves against the deadly Delta variant virus.
“The only way to beat COVID 19 and prevent harm to your body and others is to take the vaccine”

The President who has been on this campaign for long continues to advocate for the need for Catholic Men to listen to the advise of COVID 19 experts and not that of charlatans who regularly post messages on social media to disencourage people from taking the vaccine.

“Don’t wait till it is too late you may lose your life if you are infected with the deadly virus.
Maintain all COVID 19 protocols and stay safe”, he advised.


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