The Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA), has been commended for excellent performance in waste management. 

The commendation came from the head of Geocycle LAFARGE Africa Plc, Mr. Daniel Adedokun, when LAWMA officials visited the Ewekoro plant on a facility tour.

Mr. Adedokun noted that LAWMA had an organized way of managing wastes and it’s openness in executing various  projects, had encouraged interested parties to come in.
His words: “LAWMA is highly organized. We can see various aspects of their projects and it is easy to key-in, so that we can be part and parcel of it”.

LAWMA team leader, Mr. Taoheed Dosunmu, stated that the Authority was willing and ready to collaborate with any organization, to achieve a clean environment.
He said, “In managing waste, the issue of landfill is critical, and may become a thing of the past soon, so, the alternative is what LAWMA is collaborating to achieve”.

While responding to questions, head of LAWMA Academy, Mrs. Elizabeth Ademola, stated that the academy was ready to educate and engage people across all ages, on waste and related issues, which was why the interns of the school, came along for practical exposure and to understand the benefits inherent in waste.

The LAWMA team was shown round the various stages of waste processing.


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