Don’t let what’s going on in your area or vicinity break you down!
Change your gifting item this season and surprise your loved ones with something unique.

Give your loved ones, be it friends, boss, or family members hygienically prepared Tasty Smoked Catfish, Tasty Smoked Catfish Fillets, or Chill Pepper Mixed with Crayfish and Fish made in a special way to provide good taste for all kinds of soup and meals from the stable of Greenland Integrated Agric Products Limited.

The best thing you can enjoy in life is what you put into your stomach, not just anyhow stuff, but something that will give you the needed body essentials such as Greenland smoked catfish that are irresistibly different.

Our products are different because they are hygienically prepared for your enjoyment, satisfaction and they aid longevity of life for all those who patronise us.

Greenland Smoked Catfish are specially prepared in serene environment with latest and sophisticated equipment.

Also from this great agricultural firm are Chill Pepper mixed with Bonga fish Agbado, Crunchy Garri Ijebu tastefully prepared for your delight.

Fishes prepared from the stable of Greenland Integrated Agric Products meet with internationally required processing needs.

Their fishes are specifically prepared for local and international traders as well as the consumers.

The firm is managed by versatile business minded Lola with experience in agricultural and farm produce spanning 20 years.

Lola has participated in both local and international seminars in furtherance of her fishing business and this has manifested in the unique products seen in Greenland Catfish.

Whether you are eating the catfish boiled or using it for making soup, stew, roasting and mixing it with egusi, smoked catfish from the stable of Greenland is the answer.

Why going far, Greenland office is located in the serene area of Ikenne area of Ogun State.

A gift of Greenland smoked Catfish this season will bring an unforgettable memory to the family this season.

It is the best way to make your family happy with a meal that is not only good for their body, but one that will give them the right taste at this season.

At Greenland, healthy living is prioritised as their wide range of catfish are products of researches about what the body needs at this challenging time.

Their catfish products also come with the right price that will give you your money’s worth.

Just ensure you don’t miss out in the action, patronise Greenland products today and move to the next level in your delicacy.

Try Greenland Catfish products today and see your family united as if watching football matches.
Greenland Catfish is the answer to your need for right taste this season.

You could also contact the firm to dry your fish, available in Lekki and ShopRite Ikeja, call them today and place your order.
0813777914, 07041468777


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