Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System Plc
(NIBSS), in partnership with all financial service providers is set to
launch a QR Code driven payment solution.

NQR Payment Solution is an indigenous Quick Response code platform being introduced by NIBSS on behalf of all financial service providers. This innovative solution will serve as a catalyst to boost financial inclusion while providing access to faster, easier and secure financial services to Nigerians. It provides a “touch-free”
option of receiving and making payments for goods and services by
simply scanning to pay.

 The NQR Solution will be launched on the 15th of March in a grand virtual event, and consequently rolled out nationwide. This innovation will unlock a wealth of extra benefits that will transform the way
Nigerians choose to pay as it is reliable, secure and it offer instant value to business owners.

According to the CEO of NIBSS, Mr. Premier Oiwoh, “the NQR Payment
solution is about re-creating the Nigerian payment experience for businesses who are seeking new digital innovations to improve
efficiency while providing a fast, easy and secure payment option, thus, we’ve created the NQR Payment solution, a new ‘touch-free’ payment method to help create and offer better customer experience.”


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