Engr. Titi Omo-Ettu

One of the best things to happen to anyone is seeing professionals in his or her chosen field appreciating his or her effort while still alive.

This was the case as the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Lagos on Tuesday August 25th presented an award of striving for Engineering Excellence to Engr. Titi Omo-Etti.

Engr. Titi Omo-Ettu was awarded for his iconic contribution to the growth and development of engineering profession by the out-gone Chairman of the Lagos branch of NSE, Dr. Musliudeen Agoro.

Engr. Titi-Omo-Ettu was one of the two speakers at this years Annual General of Meeting of the branch, where both speakers dissected the factors hindering the growth of the nation’s economy and proffered possible solutions through the theme: “The Role of Engineering Professionals in Rebuilding Nigerias Economy-Post COVID-19.”

Titi Omo-Ettu has more than three decades of active participation in the Nigerian telecommunication development.

Award of excellence by NSE, Lagos Branch

He is a telecommunications consultant and trainer with focus on developmental processes. He has been Consultant to the Nigerian Communications Commission from its inception in 1993 to date serving the Commission in the areas of industry studies and research, universal service plans and internet applications.

He offers similar services to private sector clients. He is Managing Partner of Telecom Answers Associates, and founder of The Cyberschuul, a Lagos based telecommunications training Institute.

Mr. Omo-Ettu is Fellow, Nigerian Society of Engineers; Fellow Telecom Executive Management Institute, Canada; Member, Association of Consulting Engineers, Nigeria; and Member, Nigerian Institute of Management. He is a Council Member and vice-President of the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigerian, COREN, He lives in Lagos.

Brief about the awardee
Engr. Titi Omo-Ettu started his education at Adeola Odutola College, Ogun State in 1963-1967 and thereafter proceeded to the University of Lagos, where he graduated with B.Sc degree in Electrical Engineering between 1968-1973 and participated in a training at the Telecom Executive Management Institute of Canada in 1990.

Professionally, he has an active link with telecommunications engineering, management and development that dates back to 1974.

He retired from public service (under the auspices of NITEL) at a little over 40 years of age to pursue a parallel but more inspiring career in private practice and particularly to participate in the change of the telecommunication landscape, not just in Nigeria, but globally.

Digital Bridge Institute is an ICT training and innovation hub established by the NCC as an intervention to attend to the dearth of adequate skills in the evolving Telecommunications/ICT industry in Nigeria and beyond.

Engr. Omo-Etti is presently a Managing Consultant with Telecom Answers Associates, Founder of the CYBERCHUUL, and Publisher of CyberschuulNews.com.

His professional qualifications are also in marriage of convenience between his first love engineering, telecommunications and management all of which attest to his reach and the popularity of his skills and attainment through which several honors and awards were conferred on him.

He is a recipient of several honors and awards from professional, trade and regulatory bodies such as Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN), Council for Computer Professions Regulation in Nigeria (CPN), the Nigerian Society of Engineers, the Institute of Management and Association Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON).

He s these publications to his credit

Nigeria Communication Technology Development Issues of the Moment
By TITI OMO-ETTU April 10, 2016
An Agenda for Meeting Customer Expectations in Nigerias Telecommunication Market By TITI OMO-ETTU January 6, 20140

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How did we totally lose our way
By TITI OMO-ETTU January 20, 20120
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By TITI OMO-ETTU December 13, 20110

Problems arising from post-election violence in Northern Nigeria
By TITI OMO-ETTU May 3, 2011
Harnessing the Potential of the Internet and Applications on Mobile Devices By TITI OMO-ETTU February 4, 2011

Association of Telecommunication Companies of Nigeria: Outlook 2011
By TITI OMO-ETTU January 14, 2011
Broadband: Availability or Penetration? By TITI OMO-ETTU January 11, 2011

Nigerians Need Bread and Broadband-Part 1 By TITI OMO-ETTU December 23, 2010

Special Invitation to the DEEEAL Lecture, 2010 By TITI OMO-ETTU December 9, 2010
NITDA: Straddling the line between Performance and Culpability
By TITI OMO-ETTU November 29, 2010

The Challenge of Bharti
By TITI OMO-ETTU August 4, 2010
The Appointment Of Chairman, EVC, and Two Commissioners For NCC
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Reducing Poverty In the Information Age By TITI OMO-ETTU August 4, 2010

Next Level in West Africas Cross-border Synergies By TITI OMO-ETTU June 3, 2010

Globacoms Vicissitude in Ghana
By TITI OMO-ETTU May 27, 2010
Announcing WiMAX Forum 2010
By TITI OMO-ETTU April 15, 2010
Review of the Book e-Knowledge Time is Running Out! By TITI OMO-ETTU April 12, 2010

Scaling New Heights: 2009 In Retrospect (A Review of the Telecoms Industry in 2009)
By TITI OMO-ETTU January 20, 2010

Politics and Reality Of Telephone Subscriber Registration (2)
By TITI OMO-ETTU August 26, 2009
Politics and Reality Of Telephone Subscriber Registration (1)
By TITI OMO-ETTU August 15, 2009

Engr. Titi Omo-Ettu, stopped being the Chairman of the Governing Board of Digital Bridge Institute last year January. However, he’s the Executive Secretary, Nigerian Academy of Engineering till today.


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