Deputy-Editor-in-Chief of Daily Asset Newspaper, Catherine Agbo, has launched four food products from the staple of Veda Foods & Beverages.

Agbo revealed in an interview with journalists that despite the fact that she ventured into food production, she remained a journalist, and that she would continue to be a journalist.

She however, said that Veda Foods & Beverages was the other entrepreneurial side of her and that she is someone who believed that she should add value to the society and solve problems that existed in the society.

“When I ventured into farming and came face-face with the problem of post harvest loss, which was estimated to be 50 percent, I could not reconcile this with many cases of malnutrition, poor indices and millions of children that are suffering due to lack of food.

“So, I said to myself, how could we be wasting so much food where there are so much hunger and malnutrition in the country. It was at that point I made up my mind to be a food processor to add value to the sector,” she said.

Agbo revealed that four of her products, including Grainnuts Instant Cereal, Fonio & Finger Millet Flour with Chia Seeds, Fonio & Millet Cereal with Chia & Chia & Sesame Seeds, and Fonio & Finger Millet Flour were being launched at the event.

“So you can see that all the products are grain based. This is because I started with what I had in my farm, and I thought of what I could do to add value to them.

“That was how we started with the products, most of what we process are gotten from our farm. We grow them, process them and they are 100 percent natural,” she said.

Agbo started farming in 2017 with her farm located in Nazarawa State, while the processing of the foods started in 2018 at her factory in Abuja.

Veda Food Products are whole natural, preservative free food products that contain no artificial addictive.

“You will get more than the value of one for every product you buy from us.

“Everything we sell is a product of food synergy because we noticed that there are nutrients deficiency in many of the food products being sold out there.

“Basically, we create food synergy , that’s what stands us out,” she said.


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