Rev. Femi Oladimeji

Reverend Femi Oladimeji is the Shepherd-in- charge of King of Glory Baptist Church, a member of the Nigeria Baptist Convention, situated at Abule Egba, Lagos.
Adio Edna caught up with him, and he spoke about how it feels to be back in church after five months of lockdown.

On the resumption of church service after five months of lockdown, Reverend Femi Oladimeji testified to the goodness of God, and thanked both the Federal and State Governments for their efforts in reducing the transmission of Coronavirus, popularly called COVID-19.

While expressing his happiness, he said that “I feel so excited to resume church service today, (Sunday). It has been almost five months of closure of churches, we bless the name of the Lord that we have eventually resumed and I pray that this would continue in Jesus name.”

He explained that a lot of things happened during the months of lockdown, adding that he garnered many experiences during the period.

“A lot of people were stranded during the lockdown period and they could not go to work, so we had to organize palliatives to cushion the effects of the lockdown on them.

“Despite the fact that we organised members into different groups in their areas, some people couldn’t go out because of the pandemic, but today looking at the faces of the members, I could see joy and happiness in them. I see joy radiating on their faces,” he said.

He then commended the government for their efforts in reducing the transmission of the virus, and seized the opportunity tell the people to always observe the precautions put in place by the government and healthcare practitioners for their benefit, and prayed that God would help the people generally.

“When we were told that churches would be opened for service few days ago, we at King of Glory Baptist Church started putting some measures in place as prescribed by the government and healthcare practitioners to reduce the transmission of the virus.

“Healthcare practitioners, and people with ideas that could be very useful were brought together and they worked tremendously.

“We have been able to provide wash hand basin, hand sanitizers, water, thermometer, and members came around on Saturday to put all these in place to make them ready for Sunday service and above all social distance was strictly observed,” he said.

In his advice to the Baptist Convention as some churches could not open on Sunday because they could not afford the required items, he called on the convention to come to their aid and prayed that God would provide for them.

When he was asked if he felt comfortable using facemask during church service on Sunday, he said that the usage of facemask has been mandatory for everybody.

He said that even before church resumed, whenever he wanted to go out he usually put it on and used hand sanitizer, adding that this had been part of him.

According to him, “the use of facemask is for our benefit, we derive joy in it.

“I was impressed because everybody obeyed, everybody followed the instructions to the letter. My prayer is that God would eradicate the virus from the world,” he said.

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