The story of community is mostly associated with different people, who think in different ways.
Some people might think along some lines but with motives different from those of others.

A case study of Sunny Ogungbayi Community Development Association in Agbado-Oke Odo Local Council Development Area, under Alimosho Local government area of Lagos State, where the treasurer allegedly mismanaged the association’s funds in his care left much to be desired.

A sum of N850,000 is allegedly missing from the association’s coffers and the money is traceable to the treasurer, Mr. Rasheed Balogun.

Election of new executive of the CDA was scheduled to hold on Saturday 28th December, and this divided the CDA due to the issue of mismanagement of funds.

Head of Administrative Development in Agbado Oke Odo LCDA, Mrs. Mojisola Akinola, who was reportedly sent by the council to put a lasting solution to the crises rocking the CDA, said that the bone of contention in the community was that people complained of lack of transparency in the affairs of the association.

Mrs. Akinola added that having worked in Mushin Local Government for 10 years, Ogungbayi CDA could not be as tough as the CDAs in Mushin.

Akinola revealed that after the matter was resolved a resolution was reached that another CDA should be carves out of Ogungbayi.

Mrs. Moji Akinola (Standing left)

The out-going Chairman of Ogungbayi Community Development Association, Prince Oluomo Abisogun, who has been the pioneer chairman of the CDA since 2007, admitted during a chat that about N850,000 belonging to the association was embezzled by the treasurer, and that the man was removed, when this was discovered and that since he could not pay the money, his family had to look for a way of refunding the money.

“I am so happy that Ojugbele CDA has been created from Ogungbayi. Some of the people there are difficult to handle. Many of them did not pay for security. There was a time a child of a man who called himself my friend slapped a widow.

“When I pointed to the police to get the boy arrested, the man turned me to his enemy. They ganged up against me, they wanted to remove me as the chairman of the association, and I told them I wouldn’t condone nonsense in this community. I won’t allow anybody beat his wife not to talk of another person’s wife,” Abisogun said.

Out-gone chairman. Sunny Ogungbayi CDA, Prince Oluomo Abisogun

However, the Chairman of Ojugbele CDA, Bashorun Moses Babatunde said that he felt elated to be the chairman of the newly created CDA, adding that he was elected by the landlords.

“We went for the meeting today because we had been on the issue since the past five months. We ought to have had an election for the new executive of the CDA, but the representatives of the council postponed it till today.

“Luckily, through the outgoing chairman, we made an appeal for the chairmanship position to be zoned to our area.

“Ogungbayi has done it for 12 good years, but the representative of the council had earlier proposed a 5-man panel, but this is impossible because we have a large area,” Bashorun Babatunde said.

Babatunde said that council official, Mrs. Akinola asked that how many streets did they have in the CDA, and that they answered that they had 14 Streets.

He revealed that this was when Akinola said that under the constitution of Lagos , 6 streets could form a CDA, and that she then created another CDA known as Ojugbele CDA, which he said was what they had been waiting for.

The newly created CDA has 8 Streets including O B J Event Center, Okorie, Musa Ajakaiye, Fasheun, Adeleke Phillips and others.

“We are so happy because it’s long overdue, we must have a great team of loyal people, we would choose our team and submit their names to the council next week for approval.

“In the next six months, I am hopeful that the security of my community would have become better,” says Babatunde, the newly elected chairman.

The new Chairman added that he would consult with the Lagos State Commissioner of Police and request for patrol team to join the community’s vigilante for a well secured area.

Chairman of newly created Ojugbele CDA, Bashorun Moses Babatunde

“Secondly, the road must be graded, and a market will be sited in the community.

“I am not just going to be chairman, but I will be a father to all of them and when I am handing over, I would hand over to a capable person,” he said.

On how he would handle those who refuse to pay security dues, the Chairman said that people refused to pay security dues because the money they paid in the past was not properly accounted for, but that this would change under his administration.

Speaking on Sunny Ogungbayi CDA, Mrs. Mojisola Akionla said that they had gone through a lot of problems, but that the issues had been resolved to the glory of God.

“The resolution reached was well appreciated by both parties, since, according to the constitution of Lagos State on the creation of CDAs, 6 Streets could form a CDA and the people in Ojugbele wished to stand alone from Ogungbayi.

“I advise the newly created Ojugbele CDA to write a letter of ratification to the Chairman of Agbado Oke Odo LCDA, Hon. Arogundade.

“The chairman would minute on it and within a week, the CDA would be truly activated,” she said.

Efforts made to speak with the accused treasurer were not successful as at the time of this report.


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