Founder, TOS Education Inittiave, Ololade Salvador (middle); Author, Mum Money & I, Odunayo Ajani with Secondary School pupils

It was a great day on Saturday for Lagos State secondary Students as TOS Education Initiative supported Odunayo Ajani to launch his book titled mum- money and I as part of activities to mark this year World Book Day celebration

The event organized by Taiwo Ololade Salvador Education initiave at Alausa Ikeja had in attendance secondary school students from more than ten different schools both Distric11 and 111
The students were taught how to read and focus on their books, with admonishing to shun gangster and cultism in their schools.

L-R:Comrade Tajudeen Ibashin; Comrade Hashim Saleh; TOS, Eduaction Partner, Eric Thomann; President, Heal the World Movt, Apostle (Dr.) Tola Olukilede; Founder, TOS Education Initiative, Ololade Salvador; and Author, Mum Money & I, Odunayo Ajani

The Author Of the Book Odunayo Ajani, titled MUM MONEY and I, also urged the students to read and study hard so as education is the best legacy. He also thanked the organizer of the event for a job well done.
According to the organizer TAIWO Salvador, we need to support education in Lagos State and give full support to the new administration o the agenda by out State Governor Olusola Babajide Sanwoolu.
Salvador charged the parents and stakeholders to always encourage their children on how to read and write.

L-R: Founder, TOS Education Initiative, Ololade Salvador; and TOS, Eduaction Partner, Eric Thomann from New York

she also said education can open any door for youths and if you can’t read and you can’t expressed yourself how can you succeed and how can you identify the contract given to you? if you are asked to sign and that as happened to many of our artists who couldn’t ready and write, so reading is very important. In the area of Internet she asked, how can you operate internet, if you can’t read the component? However, this initiative is saying reading in our society must be encouraged”.
L-R: Founder, TOS Education Initiative, Ololade Salvador; President, Heal the World Movt, Apostle (Dr.) Tola Olukilede; and Author, Mum Money & I, Odunayo Ajani

The Chairman of the book launching Apostle Tola Olukilede expressed his delightful to be part and support the TOS 2020 World Book Day, “he said books is very important to life for example the book of God BIBLE as been there for years and it is transforming life’s, every book written today will last forever and it will surely transform life, he urges the students who are present to focus less on social media and focus more on reading books because books touches and changes life. He also advised the organizer of the event not to relent, infact this initiative should also spread across to Ogun State.
Meanwhile CSP Kehinde Oni advised the students to shun cultism and gangsterism in their various schools, noting that there is no gain been a cultists, If any of your friend is a cultists and advised you to join, stay away from such person or go to your mummy and seek for your parents adviser in other not to put your self into trouble.
Cutting of Cake

Oni said: ” if you’re also been treating to join them forcefully, go to the nearest Police station and ask for the DPO explained to him and the police will advise you on what to do, joining cultists and gang should not be a thing of joy among we students because there is no gain in rascality”.
He also gave kudos to the organizer of the event for educating students in Lagos State.


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